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If you are planning to buy Scalahosting shared hosting, and you want to know the performance of Scalahosting shared hosting, then you are in the right place. In this blog post, We will test the speed and performance of Scalahosting shared hosting with 10+ different and extensive tests.

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Scalahosting shared Hosting

Sclahosting was started in 2007. Currently, Scalahosting has hosted 7,00,000+ websites and gained 50,000+ customers. Scalahosting is known beacuse of it’s affordable pricing and expert and fast support. Scalahosting provides Shared hosting and Cloud hosting.

In this post, we will talk about shared plans of Scalahosting.

Plans & Pricing

Scalahosting offers three different shared plans. Mini, Start, and Advanced. I think Start plan is the most value for money plan here. You can host unlimited websites in the Start plan. The mini plan is not a good value because you can host only one website for 4$ per month.

ScalaHosting Shared Hosting Speed & Performance Test Plans and Pricing

If you are thinking to buy the advanced plan, then you should get the ScalaHosting Cloud VPS Start plan. You can read more about ScalaHosting Cloud VPS here.

Testing Environment

To test ScalaHosting shared hosting speed and performance, I bought a plan. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will already know that I create the same testing website when I perform speed tests. After buying the plan, I installed WordPress and connected it with my domain which I bought from NameCheap.

I do not want to run tests on a blank website, so I installed Blocksy Theme and one of its demo websites called ‘Tasty.’ I have to install four additional extra plugins with the demo website: Blocksy Companion, WP Forms Lite, Stackable, Recipe Card Blocks by WPZOOM.

Hosting: ScalaHosting Shared
Plan: Start
Server Location: Dallas
WordPress Version: 5.8
Themes: Blocksy (Active), Twenty twenty One
Plugins: Blocksy Companion, WP Forms Lite, Stackable, Recipe Card Blocks by WPZOOM

After setting this testing environment, I did not perform any extra optimizations like caching, Image compressing, modification, or any other kind of speed improvement. It would be best if you always did these optimizations to improve your website, but I wanted to know the actual performance of Scalahosting shared hosting without any optimizations.

Quick Disclaimer:
I want to inform you guys that all the results are honest and authentic in this blog post. To do these kinds of tests, I have to spend a lot of money from my pocket and time, So I would like to request that if you want to buy Scalahosting or any other hosting, please use our affiliate links. You will get an extra discount, and this website will earn a small amount of commission from it. So, we can do more feature speed tests, reviews, and comparisons without any sponsors.

Now, without wasting your precious time, let’s start testing.


TTFB stands for time to first byte. To put it simply, this is a measurement of how long the browser has to wait before receiving its first byte of data from the server. The longer it takes to get that data, the longer it takes to display your page.

TTFB depends on the Hosting server, Themes, and plugins. But most of the part is played by the hosting server. If hosting using a high-performance server, you will get low TTFB, and if hosting uses a standard specifications server, it will be high.

Most of the hostings stores your website files in a single location. From that server, the hosting will send all the files to the visitors. If your hosting server is located in the USA, your website will get very low TTFB in the USA, Canada, and European countries. But it will be much higher in Asia and Australia.

Therefore when you buy hosting from any of the providers, try to choose the nearest server location from your website’s audience. (not closest to you but closest to your website users)

When visitors come to your website, the browser will send all the requests and ask for the required files to the hosting server. After that, hosting will send an initial reply to the browser. Now, the time between browser requests and hosting initial response will be called TTFB.

Your website will load fast if your hosting TTFB is low. Means, as low is the TTFB of your website, visitor have to wait for less. By this, the bounce rate of your website can decrease drastically.

TTFB can be different from location to location and time to time. Therefore, we will do multiple tests from multiple worldwide locations. So, we can get the best accurate value. In the TTFB test, we will use three different tools and will take five different results.


TTFB test one is done from KeyCDN Tools. This tool will measure the TTFB from 10 different worldwide locations. I have taken three different results of this test from different other days.

Server LocationTest 1Test 2Test 3
Frankfurt663 ms643 ms661 ms
Amsterdam628 ms592 ms626 ms
London557 ms577 ms647 ms
New York372 ms385 ms398 ms
Dallas478 ms526 ms494 ms
San Francisco596 ms595 ms590 ms
Singapore1.11 s1.07 s1.08 s
Sydney1.1 s1.02 s995 ms
Tokyo918 ms936 ms912 ms
Bangalore1.04 s1.01 s1.04 s
Global Average746 ms735 ms744 ms

GT Metrix TTFB Test

TTFB test two is done from GTMetrix. I have done seven different tests to measure the TTFB from seven different locations.

Server LocationTTFB
Vancouver, Canada1.0 s
Hong Kong, China1.8 s
London, UK979 ms
Mumbai, India1.2 s
San Antonio, TX, USA921 ms
Sydney, Australia1.4 s
São Paulo, Brazil1.4 s
Global Average1.2 s

Fast or Slow TTFB Test

TTFB test three is done from Fast or Slow. Fast or Slow will measure the website TTFB and Speed from 18 worldwide locations. This is the heaviest test from all of the tests.

Here is the end of the TTFB tests, now we will start the Speed Test.

Speed Test

We will measure the website’s fully loaded time and some core web vitals in the Speed test. The website’s fully loaded time and core web vitals can depend on Hosting servers, Themes, Plugins, and testing page content. But, as I told you before, We used the same testing environment to avoid the Theme, Plugins, and testing page content.

Google PageSpeed

If you want to rank higher in Google search, you should strictly follow the Google Core web vitals. You can measure these parameters from the Google PageSpeed Insights tool, which is the official testing tool of Google.

Therefore, we will do our first speed test in Google PageSpeed Insights. Speed Index and Time to Interactive are parameters we should follow. Google PageSpeed Insights results are not consistent. Therefore, I will conduct three different tests on separate days to get the most accurate results.


MetricsTest 1Test 2Test 3Average
Time to Interactive8.0 s8.4 s7.9 s8.1 s
Speed Index7.9 s7.5 s7.1 s7.5 s


MetricsTest 1Test 2Test 3Average
Time to Interactive1.6 s0.9 s1.3 s1.2 s
Speed Index2.4 s2.6 s2.2 s2.4 s

Pingdom Test

The second speed test is done with Pingdom from seven different worldwide locations. Load time is the factor that we will consider in this test.

Server LocationLoad Time
Tokyo – Japan3.74 s
Frankfurt – Germany2.16 s
London – UK2.03 s
Washington D.C. – USA1.48 s
San Francisco – USA1.98 s
Sydney – Australia4.11 s
São Paulo – Brazil2.73 s
Global Average2.60 s

GTMetrix Test

The third speed test is done with the GTMetrix tool from seven different worldwide locations. GTMetrix is based on Google PageSpeed Insights. You should look up to Fully Loaded time. I have taken seven different tests from all of the seven locations of GTMetrix. At last, you will see the global average results.

Server LocationPerformanceSpeed IndexFully Loaded Time
Vancouver, Canada79%1.8 s2.4 s
Hong Kong, China41%3.7 s5.5 s
London, UK79%1.8 s2.4 s
Mumbai, India63%2.5 s3.7 s
San Antonio, TX, USA84%1.5 s2.2 s
Sydney, Australia56%2.9 s4.2 s
São Paulo, Brazil53%3.1 s4.1 s
Global Average65%2.4 s3.5 s

KeyCDN Speed Test

The fourth speed test is done with KeyCDN Tools. There are ten different worldwide locations in the KeyCDN Testing tool. We can measure the website load time, page size, requests, and performance grade with this tool. Page size, requests, and performance grade will be quite the same in all of the tests.

Server LocationTest 1
Frankfurt2.26 s
Amsterdam2.24 s
London1.98 s
New York1.33 s
Dallas1.67 s
San Francisco2.53 s
Singapore4.17 s
Sydney3.71 s
Tokyo3.13 s
Bangalore3.89 s
Global Average2.69 s

Fast or Slow Speed Test

Test 5 is done with Fast or Slow from 18 different worldwide locations. In these results, we measure website interactive time. The Time to Interactive (TTI) metric measures how long it takes a page to become interactive to the site visitor.

Server LocationInteractive
S Africa4758 ms
Sweden3134 ms
India4911 ms
France3035 ms
England1848 ms
Ireland2781 ms
S Korea4163 ms
Bahrain4594 ms
Japan3620 ms
Brazil3497 ms
Canada1443 ms
Hong Kong4748 ms
Singapore4710 ms
Australia4198 ms
Germany2118 ms
USA (VA)1447 ms
USA (OH)2289 ms
USA (OR)2508 ms


Good Uptime is one of the most required features in any hosting. If your website stays down most of the time, then it is so obvious that your website will lose all of the readers of all of the customers. Most of the hosting claim 99.9% uptime. That means the chances are your website will be down for 43m 49s in a month. Which is average in all of the hosting.

Scala hosting provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee to clients. If they fail to deliver 99.9% uptime, Scala hosting will give you a free credit. So, if your website is up for 99.8%, you will get 10% credit of your plan’s monthly amount. If your website is up for 99.7%, you will get 20% credit of your plan’s monthly amount.

WP Performance Test

These tests are done by WordPress Performance Testing Plugins.

Server Score7.2
Queries Per Second628.53
Execution Time (seconds)1.591
ScalaHosting Shared Hosting Speed & Performance Test ScalaHosting WP Benchmark
ScalaHosting WP Benchmark
ScalaHosting Shared Hosting Speed & Performance Test ScalaHosting WPPerformanceTester
ScalaHosting WPPerformanceTester

Final Results

  • Global Average TTFB: 741 ms
  • Global Average Load Time: 2.69 s


Overall, Scalahosting shared hosting is average performing hosting. I do not recommend Scala hosting shared plans to anyone. However, Scalahosting Cloud VPS plans are great. I think A2Hosting, HostArmada, ChemiCloud, or NameHero can be a good choice instead of Sclahosting shared hosting.

HostArmada is an excellent alternative to Scalahosting shared hosting. HostArmada offers high-performing cloud based shared hosting at affordable rates. Read more about HostArmada shared hosting here.

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