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Are you thinking of buying Managed WordPress hosting? And want to check the performance and speed of Managed WordPress hosting? Then, you are in the right place.

In this blog post, I will provide you honest, genuine and the best accurate results of Managed WordPress hosting Speed and Performance.

If you are in a hurry, here are the results of Managed WordPress hosting Speed and Performance test results.

Global Average TTFB: 97 ms
Global Average Load Time: 1.17 seconds

You can compare these test results with any other hosting provider, and you can choose the fastest hosting for your website.

Before starting the test, I want to clarify that all the tests are done fairly and accurately. or any other hosting provider does not sponsor this article.

Also, I have done multiple tests to get the best accurate results of the tests, so there will be many more figures than a math’s paper ????.

I have not manipulated any of the test figures. I have attached all the test results Screenshots below the test. is founded in 2020 by Ben Gabler. offers only WordPress managed hosting. Rocket is funded by one the best shared hosting provider HostPapa. Rocket hosting is partnered with Cloudflare enterprise to provide the best service to its users.

Best Features of

  • Powered by Cloudflare Enterprise
  • Global CDN with full page caching
  • WordPress Optimized
  • Very fast TTFB
  • No extra configuration for CDN, Firewall, or SSL
  • Pricing (Better than any other managed WordPress Hosting)

Plans & Pricing

Currently, offers four different plans. All plans have similar features. I have listed the difference between all the plans below. There are not many differences between all the plans except WordPress installs, visits, storage, and bandwidth, and call support.

WordPress Installs131025
Unique Visits250,0001,000,0002,500,0005,000,000
Storage10 GB20 GB40 GB50 GB
Multisite Support
24×7 Phone Support
Discount LinkGet NowGet NowGet NowGet Now

For this test, I have purchased a Starter plan, in which I can host one WordPress website.

I have made a complete tutorial on hosting. You can watch the exclusive video and get ideas on the following topics. Choosing a plan for your website, Installing WordPress, Rocket dashboard overview, backup creation, staging website creation, Support access, and all other things you need to know if you want to buy Rocket hosting.

Now, let’s start testing.

Testing environment

I use identical testing environment setups for hosting speed tests to get the best accurate, fair, and honest test results.

  • I bought a domain from NameCheap.
  • After that, I connected the domain with hosting by setting Cname record and txt records.
  • Then, I installed WordPress on that domain with One Click WordPress installation wizard.
  • After installing the WordPress, I deleted all the Plugins, all the themes (except twenty twenty one which is the default WordPress theme).
  • After that, I installed a popular WordPress theme named Blocksy.

Testing Website Details

  • Hosting: Managed Hosting – Starter plan
  • Server Location: USA – San Jose (Default server of Rocket)
  • Domain: from Namecheap
  • WordPress v5.7.2
  • Theme: Blocksy
  • Plugins: Blocksy Companion, WP Forms Lite, Stackable, Recipe Card Blocks by WPZOOM

Process of testing

To measure the Speed and Performance of, we will do three types of different tests

In test 1, we will measure the Time to First Byte (TTFB) of the Hosting worldwide. We will test it with three different tools so that we can get the most accurate test results.

In test 2, we will measure the website’s fully loaded time, core web vitals, page size, and total requests from different worldwide locations. We will test the website speed with five various tools.

In test 3, We will do a load test of the website. By doing the load test, we can identify how much traffic this particular hosting can handle. We will do two tests in this segment.

First, we will find how much visitors hosting can handle without any errors. And after that, we will do another test. By doing the second test, we can say that hosting cannot handle it if the website gets more visitors than this number of visitors.


TTFB stands for Time to First Byte. TTFB means how much time the hosting server reply to the visitor.

When visitors come to your website, the browser will send all the requests and ask for the required files to the hosting server. After that, hosting will send an initial reply to the browser. Now, the time between browser requests and hosting initial response will be called TTFB.

Your website will load fast if your hosting TTFB is low. Means, as low is the TTFB of your website, visitor have to wait for less. By this, the bounce rate of your website can decrease drastically.

TTFB can be different from location to location and time to time. Therefore, we will do multiple tests from multiple worldwide locations. So, we can get the best accurate value.

Test 1

Test 1 is done from 10 different worldwide locations. I take three different test results. I did All three tests on different days.

Server LocationTest 1Test 2Test 3Average
Frankfurt43.89 ms55.3 ms52.82 ms50.67 ms
Amsterdam127.84 ms121.15 ms120.43 ms123.14 ms
London112.21 ms128.23 ms40.56 ms84.65 ms
New York31.11 ms41.44 ms32.66 ms35.07 ms
Dallas31.7 ms32.45 ms43.48 ms35.87 ms
San Francisco172.28 ms188 ms201.63 ms187.30 ms
Singapore288.25 ms44.89 ms77.55 ms136.89 ms
Sydney48.96 ms35.62 ms107.34 ms63.97 ms
Tokyo59.7 ms95.9 ms72.34 ms75.98 ms
Bangalore381.17 ms80.77 ms65.1 ms175.68 ms
Global Average129.71 ms82.37 ms81.39 ms96.92 ms

By watching the test results of TTFB Test 1, we can see that Rocket is performing exceptionally well in the test. Because, Rocket is performing very well worldwide, not in just a host location.

The reason for the performance of Rocket is Cloudflare enterprise.

I have tested many shared hostings, cloud hostings, and managed hosting, but I have never seen such good results in the TTFB test worldwide. This is why I love

All other managed hostings, cloud hostings, or shared hostings perform very well in the website host location, but they can not perform well worldwide.

Test 2

Test 2 is done in GT Metrix by seven worldwide locations.
By seeing the results of test 2, we can see the power of The results are the same as test 1, which is the best results, I have ever seen.

Server LocationTTFB
Vancouver, Canada108 ms
Hong Kong, China108 ms
London, UK67 ms
Mumbai, India255 ms
San Antonio, TX, USA73 ms
Sydney, Australia156 ms
São Paulo, Brazil184 ms
Global Average135 ms

Test 3

Test 3 is done from 18 (yes, 18) different worldwide locations. This is the most extreme test of the TTFB test segment.

Server LocationTTFB
S Africa45 ms
Sweden128 ms
India41 ms
France97 ms
England89 ms
Ireland49 ms
S Korea58 ms
Bahrain143 ms
Japan287 ms
Brazil138 ms
Canada42 ms
Hong Kong155 ms
Singapore81 ms
Australia70 ms
Germany65 ms
USA (VA)44 ms
USA (OH)92 ms
USA (OR)68 ms
Global Average97 ms
Rocket.Net Managed WordPress Hosting Speed Test Fast or Slow TTFB Test

Wow ????! The results of Test 3 are fantastic. is performing very Extreme Worldwide. The average worldwide TTFB is 97 ms which is similar to TTFB Test 1.

Here we have completed all the tests of TTFB tests. If we consider test 1 and test 3 results as our final results, 97 ms would be the average worldwide TTFB. This is the very best performance hosting I have ever tested.

Now, let’s move to the next test.

Speed Test

We will measure the website’s fully loaded time and google core web vitals figures in the Speed test. You can compare these test results with another hosting provider, and you can decide which hosting is performing well.

Test 1

Test 1 is done with the Google Pagespeed Insights Tool.


Google Pagespeed tool provides mobile test results with the regular test.

MetricsTest 1Test 2Test 3Average
First Contentful Paint 1.9s1.4 s1.7 s1.6 s
Time to Interactive 3.1s3.0 s3.0 s3.0 s
Speed Index 1.9 s1.4 s1.8 s1.7 s
Total Blocking Time170 ms130 ms130 ms143 ms
Largest Contentful Paint2.3 s1.4 s2.4 s2.0 s
Cumulative Layout Shift0.0030.0030.0030.003

By watching the mobile test results, we can see that scores 96 points on average. The Time to Interactive is 3.0 s which is quite fast as mobile speed for any website. The average Speed index for mobile is 1.7 seconds.


MetricsTest 1Test 2Test 3Average
First Contentful Paint 0.4 s0.4 s0.4 s0.4 s
Time to Interactive 0.4 s0.4 s0.4 s0.4 s
Speed Index 0.6 s0.5 s0.5 s0.5 s
Total Blocking Time0 ms0 ms0 ms0 ms
Largest Contentful Paint0.6 s0.7 s0.6 s0.6 s
Cumulative Layout Shift0.0010.0010.0010.001 is performing very well on the desktop. It scores a total of 100 points on the desktop test. The average Time to Interactive and Speed Index is 0.4 seconds and 0.5 seconds accordingly.

Test 2

Test 2 is done by Pingdom tools. To get the worldwide performance of, we will test it with seven different worldwide servers.

Server LocationPerformance gradeLoad timePage Size
Tokyo – Japan812.40 s1.7 MB
Frankfurt – Germany811.02 s1.7 MB
London – UK810.971 s1.7 MB
Washington D.C. – USA810.462 s1.7 MB
San Francisco – USA810.750 s1.7 MB
Sydney – Australia812.26 s1.7 MB
São Paulo – Brazil812.85 s1.7 MB
Global Average811.53 s1.7 MB

Wow ????. I am pleased with the speed and performance of The average Load time is 1.53 seconds from 7 different worldwide locations. Especially, is performing very well in the USA and Europe. This is why because the website is hosted in San Jose – USA.

Honestly, the speed of Australia and Asia is not good as the USA and Europe. Again, this issue can be improved by choosing the nearest location for your visitors. And this will happen the same if you are using any other hosting.

But still, can improve worldwide performance to provide the best hosting to us. Currently, it is performing very well, but we can expect more from this perfect hosting ????.

Test 3

3rd test is done by GT Metrix from 7 different worldwide locations.

Server LocationPerformanceFirst Contentful PaintTime to InteractiveSpeed IndexOnload TimeFully Loaded Time
Vancouver, Canada99% 690 ms 755 ms701 ms876 ms989 ms
Hong Kong, China100%535 ms607 ms587 ms878 s1.1 s
London, UK99%392 ms2.1 s421 ms526 s2.1 s
Mumbai, India95%1.1 s1.1 s1.1 s1.5 s1.7 s
San Antonio, TX, USA100% 547 ms583 ms577 ms661 s753 s
Sydney, Australia98%858 ms1.1 s878 ms1.1 s1.2 s
São Paulo, Brazil95%1.0 s1.2 s1.0 s1.5 s1.7 s
Global Average98%731 ms1.0 s752 ms1.0 s1.3 s

The global average Time to Interactive is 1.0 seconds, which is very good. The global average Fully Loaded Time is 1.3 seconds. Remember that these test results are for desktops. Honestly, is performing very well in this segment.

Test 4

Let’s move to Test 4. This test is done from ten different worldwide server locations.

Server LocationScoreTime
Frankfurt92910 ms
Amsterdam941.36 s
London95735 ms
New York96529 ms
Dallas951.03 s
San Francisco971.1 s
Singapore951.26 s
Sydney95 1.14 s
Tokyo93780 ms
Bangalore962.86 s
Global Average951.17 s

You can see that the global average load time is 1.17 seconds, and the average score is 95.

By the results of this test, we can say that is performing very well in the USA and Europe. Also, it is performing well In Asia and Australia. But the results of Banglore India is not quite good.

The reason for this could be temporary or server load at the testing time. If the load time of India could be 1.5 seconds or less, then the average load time could be near 1 second. But, I do not want to test it a second time and manipulate the entire test.

Test 5

Test 5 is done by Fast or Slow from 18 different server locations.

Performance Score100
First Contentful Paint100
Speed Index100
Largest Contentful Paint100
Time to Interactive100
Total Blocking Time100
Cumulative Layout Shift100
Server LocationInteractive
S Africa398 ms
Sweden510 ms
India457 ms
France490 ms
England443 ms
Ireland488 ms
S Korea537 ms
Bahrain755 ms
Japan851 ms
Brazil693 ms
Canada385 ms
Hong Kong652 ms
Singapore578 ms
Australia673 ms
Germany415 ms
USA (VA)496 ms
USA (OH)462 ms
USA (OR)425 ms
Global Average539 ms

We can see that is scoring 100 points in all the vitals by seeing the test results, which is quite good. Also, we can see that the average worldwide Interactive time is 539 ms. Keep in mind that this test is from desktop, so test results of mobile can be different from this.

That’s enough tests to measure website speed.

Now let’s move to the load test.

Load Test

By doing the load test, we can find how much traffic hosting can handle at a particular time. If your website gets instant traffic, then you have to focus on this test.

I send 10,000 users to the website hosted on (Which I can not believe because I have tested many hostings, but none of the hostings can handle more than 1,000 visitors without a single fail visit).

All of the 10,000 visits were completed without any error. In the complete test, Hosting sends approx 971.27 MB in just a minute. There was not a single visit that failed, or 400/500 error or timeout.

Response TimesResults
Average14 ms
Minimum8 ms
Maximum242 ms

Response Counts

  • Success: 10,000
  • Fail: 0
  • 400/500 Errors: 0
  • Timeout: 0
  • Network: 0


  • Sent: 1.08 MB
  • Received: 971.27 MB

I have uploaded the screenshot and a video of the load test. You can see that the average response time is 14 ms. Here you should not have confused with TTFB and response time.

I am shocked by the results of the Load Test. I can not believe that this is possible for any hosting. We will also test more managed hosting in the future, so stay connected with us for more hosting tests.


Okay, guys, that’s it. Here the Speed test is done completely.

The average Global TTFB of the Rocket hosting is 97 ms. The Global Average Load Time is 1.17 seconds. These are the final results of the test. You can compare these results with any of your favorite hosting providers, and you can choose good hosting for your website by comparing the test results.

YouTube video

My opinion

I recommend Rocket Hosting to everyone. We use Rocket hosting to host our blog. If you have enough budget and want the fastest hosting for your WordPress website, is the perfect and only choice.

If you compare with Kinsta or WP Engine then will clearly win because is performing very well worldwide. Also, you will get more visits with if you compare it with Kinsta and WP Engine.


If you want to buy Rocket hosting, you can get it for just 1$ for the first month by clicking the above button. This is a special discount for Hosting lover readers. Also, if there will be any future discount, it will be available with this link.

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I genuinely hope that you will like this blog post. If you have any queries and questions, then do ask in the comments section. I will reply to you asap.

If you want to see more hosting speed tests and honest reviews, then bookmark this website.


  1. very good Rocket net Managed WordPress Hosting Speed i watched your videos on youtube ! it’s more better if you add this video to your Article about Rocket VPS Managed WordPress Hosting Speed & Performance. !! i purchase hosting plan from scalahosting for $79 ( 5 CPU Cores
    – 8GB RAM ) i clone my website from Siteground to test Domain on scala hosting !! and Runs a lot of speed test ! the was not so much difference between him But!!!! the Page size on Siteground was only 4 MG and on scalahosting 8 MG WOW after that i make Stress test on ( loader ) and scalahosting slow down when the website have 100 visitor in 60 second.

    • Hello Thomas, First of all thanks for appreciating and believing in my work.

      I can help you if you want to speed up your website. Because it is not possible if you have bought 79$ package and it Slowed down at just 100 visitors.

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