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If you are planning to buy InterServer Shared hosting, and you want to know the performance of InterServer Shared hosting, then you are in the right place. In this blog post, We will test the speed and performance of InterServer Shared hosting with 10+ different and extensive tests.

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InterServer Shared Hosting

InterServer is providing shared hosting from 1999. InterServer offers only one plan in the shared hosting, which is called Standard Web Hosting. In this plan, you can host unlimited websites and you will get Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage, Unlimited E-Mail Accounts, Free SSL Certificates and many more features.

InterServer Shared Hosting Speed and Performance Test InterServer Plans and Pricing

Testing Environment

To test InterServer shared hosting speed and performance, I bought the Standard shared hosting plan of InterServer. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will already know that I create the same testing website when I perform speed tests. After buying the plan, I installed WordPress and connected it with my domain which I bought from NameCheap.

I do not want to run tests on a blank website, so I installed Blocksy Theme and one of its demo websites called ‘Tasty.’ I have to install four additional extra plugins with the demo website: Blocksy Companion, WP Forms Lite, Stackable, Recipe Card Blocks by WPZOOM.

Hosting: InterServer Shared Hosting
Plan: Standard Web Hosting
Server Location: USA
WordPress Version: Latest
Themes: Blocksy (Active), Twenty twenty One
Plugins: Blocksy Companion, WP Forms Lite, Stackable, Recipe Card Blocks by WPZOOM

After setting this testing environment, I did not perform any extra optimizations like caching, Image compressing, modification, or any other kind of speed improvement. It would be best if you always did these optimizations to improve your website, but I wanted to know the actual performance of InterServer Shared hosting without any optimizations.

Quick Disclaimer:
I want to inform you guys that all the results are honest and authentic in this blog post. Also, this blog post is not sponsored by InterServer hosting or any other hosting.

To do these kinds of tests, I have to spend a lot of money from my pocket, So I would like to request that if you want to buy InterServer Shared Hosting or any other hosting, please use our affiliate links. You will get an extra discount, and this website will earn a small amount of commission from it. So, we can do more feature speed tests, reviews, and comparisons without any sponsors.

Now, without wasting your precious time, let’s start testing.

KeyCDN Test

The first test we will do is the KeyCDN Test. With the KeyCDN test, we can measure website total load time and TTFB from 10+ worldwide locations.


Server LocationTest 1Test 2Test 3
Frankfurt761 ms675 ms760 ms
Amsterdam1 s913 ms930 ms
London967 ms968 ms926 ms
New York615 ms537 ms737 ms
Dallas810 ms741 ms789 ms
San Francisco697 ms644 ms636 ms
Singapore1.16 s1.19 s1.94 s
Sydney1.25 s1.34 s2 s
Tokyo1.09 s1.27 s1.87 s
Bangalore1.1 s1.15 s1.17 s
Global Average945 ms942 ms1.17 s
InterServer Shared Hosting Speed and Performance Test InterServer TTFB Test

Speed Test

Server LocationLoad Time
Frankfurt2.45 s
Amsterdam1.97 s
London2.81 s
New York1.57 s
Dallas3.01 s
San Francisco1.88 s
Singapore4.52 s
Sydney4.09 s
Tokyo3.37 s
Bangalore4.39 s
Global Average3 s
InterServer Shared Hosting Speed and Performance Test InterServer Speed Test New York

Google PageSpeed Test

Google PageSpeed test is the essential test. Google PageSpeed tool is the official tool of Google for measuring website speed and performance. Google PageSpeed test can be different from test to test. Therefore I took three different results from three different days.


MetricsTest 1Test 2Test 3
First Contentful Paint2.5 s2.5 s2.5 s
Largest Contentful Paint2.5 s2.5 s2.5 s
Speed Index6.5 s6.2 s5.9 s
Time to Interactive5.1 s6.2 s5.2 s
InterServer Shared Hosting Speed and Performance Test InterServer Google PageSpeed Test Mobile


MetricsTest 1Test 2Test 3
First Contentful Paint0.7 s0.7 s0.7 s
Time to Interactive1.2 s0.8 s1.2 s
Largest Contentful Paint0.9 s0.9 s0.9 s
Speed Index1.8 s1.9 s2.3 s
InterServer Shared Hosting Speed and Performance Test InterServer Google PageSpeed Test Desktop

Pingdom Test

In the Pingdom test, we can measure website fully loaded time from 7 worldwide locations.

Server LocationLoad Time
Tokyo – Japan3.33 s
Frankfurt – Germany2.33 s
London – UK1.96 s
Washington D.C. – USA1.61 s
San Francisco – USA1.76 s
Sydney – Australia5.01 s
São Paulo – Brazil2.39 s
Global Average2.62 s
InterServer Shared Hosting Speed and Performance Test InterServer Pingdom Test Washington DC

GTMetrix Test

GTMetrix test is based on the Google PageSpeed test. But with the GTMetrix test, we can get results from 7 worldwide locations. Also, with the results, we can get website performance score, TTFB, and fully loaded time.

Server LocationPerformanceTTFBFully Loaded Time
Vancouver, Canada80%1.3 s2.3 s
Hong Kong, China69%1.3 s3.7 s
London, UK61%678 ms2.4 s
Mumbai, India72%1.3 s4.4 s
San Antonio, TX, USA94%595 ms1.4 s
Sydney, Australia65%1.3 s5.6 s
São Paulo, Brazil67%857 ms3.7 s
Global Average72%1.0 s3.3 s
InterServer Shared Hosting Speed and Performance Test InterServer GTMetrix Test USA

Fast or Slow Test

Fast or slow is the most extreme test from all of the tests. In the Fast or Slow test, we get test results from 18 different worldwide locations.

Performance Score54
First Contentful Paint0
Speed Index0
Largest Contentful Paint94
Time to Interactive1
First Byte13.03s
Min First Byte978.84ms
Max First Byte 15.88s
Largest Contentful Paint1.28s
InterServer Shared Hosting Speed and Performance Test InterServer Fast or Slow Test

Load Test

With the Load test, we can know how much load any particular website or hosting can handle.

Response Times50 Visits/Minute
Average3751 ms
Minimum725 ms
Maximum7319 ms
InterServer Shared Hosting Speed and Performance Test InterServer Load Test 50 users per minute

WP Performance Test

The WP Performance test is based on two WordPress plugins, 1) WPPerformanceTester and 2) WordPress Hosting Benchmark tool.

WPPerformanceTester performs the following tests and allows us to see how any hosting server’s performance stacks up against industry benchmark. WordPress Hosting Benchmark tool test the server CPU, memory bandwidth, disk speed, and network download speed. After finishing the test, it provides a server score as a result.

Execution Time
(lower is better)
Queries Per Second
(higher is better)
Total Time11.060
Server Score5.7/10
InterServer Shared Hosting Speed and Performance Test InterServer WordPress Performance Test
InterServer WordPress Performance Test
InterServer Shared Hosting Speed and Performance Test WordPress Benchmark Test
InterServer WordPress Benchmark Test

Uptime Test

Uptime is one of the most important things in any hosting. Therefore, I measured the uptime of InterServer shared hosting for every one minute.

Freshping Uptime Test

TimeUptimeDowntimeAvg. response time
September, 2021Uptime: 100%0 secs
October, 202199.92%36 mins 10 secs
November, 2021100%0 secs
December, 202199.98%8 mins 34 secs
January, 202299.94%20 mins 3 secs1163 ms
February, 202299.98%9 mins 45 secs1499 ms
March, 202299.95%23 mins 30 secs1127 ms
April, 202299.98%6 mins 57 secs893 ms
May, 202299.99%3 mins917 ms
June, 202299.98%6 mins 37 secs963 ms
July, 202299.96%19 mins 6 secs927 ms
August, 202299.99%4 mins 55 secs927 ms

Hetrixtool Uptime Test

September, 2021100%
October, 202199.90%
November, 202199.99%
December, 202199.59%
January, 2022
February, 2022
March, 2022
April, 2022
May, 2022
June, 2022
July, 2022

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